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Re: [IP] Switch from D to MM

RE: Roxanne's bad experience with Disetronics;  I can say that after a little 
over 2 years of pumping with the Dis. H-Tron+, we have had absolutely NO 
problems, either with the pumps or with the company.  And I am totally 
putting my young son's life into the hands of this technology.  As with any 
company and any product, there are bound to be lemons.  It is unfortunate 
that some have had to deal with their fair share of problems.  I have been 
totally satisfied with the pumps we have.  I just wish that Dis would get on 
the stick about shorter canula lengths and insertion devices.  That is why we 
are using MM sets.

I try to not rag on any one company.  I'm totally impressed with the 
technology of the pump and what it will hopefully mean for my son as he grows 
up with this terrible disease.  I hope that every person who is afflicted 
with this disease will be allowed an opportunity to get hooked up with a 
pump, ANYpump.  I hope that no one in the future tells me or my son what kind 
of car to drive or home to live in or whatever.  Just like I hope that no one 
will tell my son which pump he HAS to wear.  This is a very PERSONAL choice 
and I get extremely angry when I see and hear how some people are not given a 
choice, that their so called medical team tells them they have to go with one 
pump company and won't give them a choice.  This is WRONG and I try to let 
newbies or those who are looking into a pump know that there is a choice.  I 
would hope that,no matter which pump you are wearing, or what you experiences 
may have been, that you will let others know that they DO have a choice!

Sorry for the rant.  I just wanted to let anyone who is new to know that not 
everyone has had a bad experience with Disetronics.

mom to Joshua
dxd 1997 at age 5.5, IPer Dec 1999, Dis H-Tron+
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