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Re: [IP] I'd like to be outraged for a moment

>Subject: [IP] I'd like to be outraged for a moment
>Anyone had any luck with insisting to a hospital that the person with >the 
>diabetes (or their designate) will determine the insulin doseage >and 


I just got out of the hospital after two days of seizing from lows (not a 
fun process).  I was 17 at one point and then 0 a couple of times.  Had five 
bags of glucagon and just kept bottoming out, not to mention getting sick as 
a dog from the gluc.  (Does anyone else have that problem?)

I had an exact opposite experience.  When my mom gave the nurses my med 
history and list of medications, she (of course) mentioned that I have a 
pump.  When I had come to and the doc was satisfied that I was thinking like 
myself again, he let me put the pump back on and handle my insulin myself.

I found it to be a great education process for the nurses and the aides, who 
all wanted to see it and talk to me about it.  The only thing I had to keep 
asking for were more blood sugars than they had scheduled me for.  Once I 
explained to the doc why I wanted a pre meal and a post meal sugar, he wrote 
orders for the nurses to do that for me.

I gotta say, it was a great experience for me (well, for the most part) and 
for the hospital staff.

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