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Re: [IP] I'd like to be outraged for a moment

(About Patience's mother not receiving insulin while hospitalized)

One of the problems of being an OLDER Type 1 diabetic is that most hospital
personnel who don't know you will ASSUME you're a Type 2. After all, 90% of
the diabetic population is Type 2, and they SEE a whole lot more Type 2's
than Type 1's. Insulin-using Type 2's can hold out a bit longer without
insulin (although eventually, they, too, will go into coma and die -- but
it's usually weeks rather than days), and can tolerate more imprecision in
insulin dosage.

This is not to say that they treat Type 2's any more appropriately than Type
1's (allowing blood sugar to go over 500 is NOT acceptable for ANYONE!) ,
but the malpractice they committed on your mother sounds as though they
thought she was Type 2. It's a miracle she didn't go into DKA.

Anyway, you and your mother need something to the effect of a durable power
of attorney -- AND documentation from  your doctor that YOU (or your father)
are to handle testing and insulin. Also, your mother is not to be left alone
(i.e. family members are to be allowed to stay with her at all times),
unless she's in surgery, and you have personally informed the
anesthesiologist about the fact that she is Type 1, and very

If you are on a pump, the rule has to be that NO ONE plays with your pump or
takes it off you in any case (except if you've been injured at your infusion
site -- in which case it becomes a medical necessity). If your mother had
been on a pump, much of her agony could have been avoided.

And yes, you have the right to be outraged -- they COULD have killed her,
and THAT wouldn't have helped her any, would it???

Good luck,

Natalie ._c-
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