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Re: [IP] Need your help again

I have to respectfully disagree with what MMM told you.
We often change just the tubing or just the set or just
the cartridge but have never (and I truly mean never)
had problems with highs from air bubbles or temp
changes, or anything else from doing it. Any time we
disconnect the tubing's luer lock from the cartridge,
no matter what the reason for doing so, we re-prime
when we put them back together (we don't prime with the
tubing attached to my daughter, of course). We don't
prime a huge amount usually, just til we see that the
space in the luer lock is filled and see insulin come
out the tip of the set connector. If we see bubbles
during this process (sometimes there are some in or
near the luer lock, other times not) we prime them out.
Naturally, if there are bubbles it takes a larger prime
to get them out. But just filling that luer lock space
(and pushing the insulin to the tip of the connector)
doesn't take much. Btw, we follow the same procedure
for the same reason when we use sof-sets and happen to
disconnect the two ends of the set (where the luer lock

I have NO doubts that in no time you'll be a pro at
this just like you were with MDI, Marion (and Gabe
too)! The first few months were the most troublesome
for us so just hang in there! It will get easier over

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-11, dxT1 5.3yrs,
pumping 2.3yrs, and 7 other blessings
~*~do-`da-ga-g`hv-i (until we meet again)~*~

Marion said:
We OBVIOUSLY primed afterwards, in fact, we primed 8
units and filled the cannula with .8 units.  But, there
was an air bubble somewhere not visible that remained
despite the priming.  According to MiniMed, it was due
to the air introduced by the changing of the tube and
also the cooling down of the insulin in the reservoir
after it was taken off Gabe's body while we were
preparing a new set and etc.
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