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Re: [IP] Warranties

Gloria wrote:
>>>correct me if i am wrong IV is 4.
i don't get the last comment? from this email they all have 4 warranties.

"...Like 100,000 miles/7 years? ;)  MiniMed pumps are warrantied for 4
years. Animas warranties theirs for four years. But then Dana pumps have a
IV-year warranty. So, that leaves Disetronic with their D-Tron which has 4
years on their warranty, and the H-TRONplus which has four years. I can't
anyone for bashing MiniMed for their lousy warranty period. YMMV (~_^)"

That's the point, whether it's 4, four, or IV (which if you'll notice all 3
ways are in the post) - all the pump companies' warranties are that many
years. No need to bash MiniMed for their lousy warranty period. Period.
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