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Re: [IP] Need your help again

In a message dated 3/9/2002 11:16:45 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> bubbles are worth 1/2 unit per inch. A large bubble can easily be 
> eliminated by disconnecting the QR and priming the bubble out.
> Pumping is not rocket science, just common sense.

Common sense is developed over a period of time with learning, experience and 
understanding.  Since we are very new to pumping, we have to follow the 
advice of the experts, namely, our CDE and she told us that it was okay to 
use the same insulin resevoir and just change the tubing.  We OBVIOUSLY 
primed afterwards, in fact, we primed 8 units and filled the cannula with .8 
units.  But, there was an air bubble somewhere not visible that remained 
despite the priming.  According to MiniMed, it was due to the air introduced 
by the changing of the tube and also the cooling down of the insulin in the 
reservoir after it was taken off Gabe's body while we were preparing a new 
set and etc.

I wish I was at the point of having "common sense" vis a vie the pump.

Sounds like you are already there.  Lucky you!!!!!.

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