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Re: [IP] H vs N and basals

> It looks like Novolog lasts longer?  Wouldn't that make it
> harder to check basals.  We're thinking of changing from H to get
> our 12 yo's post meal highs down.  The graphs on the links page use
> different measuring references, making it harder for a math
> challenged person like me.

For most Novolog or Humalog users you will see no practical 
difference. There are some people (minority) that have very 
differing response to some insulin analogs where the action time is 
far from the norm indicated by the "graphs" supplied in the package 
insert. Based on the reports I've seen so far, I would surmise that 
the people that fall into this category have some kind of reaction to 
the particular insulin and generally can't use it. Fortunately this 
seems to be only for one or the other of the insulin analogs, not 
both. There are some people on the list that have participated in the 
Novolog study that was used for the FDA submission. They formerly 
were using Humalog and reported no descernible difference between the 
two in their pump. This is consistent with straight Humalog vs an H/R 
mix -- which is used by some 6% of our members. There is no reported
noticeable difference from one to the other with respect to setting 
basals, bolusing, etc...

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