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Re: [IP] Pump Warrantys

> My minimed runs out of warranty next year.  I just found this out
> when I called last night because it keeps "no delivery" and we need
> to do an exchange.  They said after the warranty runs out it would
> cost us $600 to repair it.  I am still in shock.  If I had it to do
> over again I'd pick a pump that has a better (decent) warranty,
> instead of Minimed.

The warranty's of all the companies are basically the same in 
duration. If your pump breaks out of warranty it becomes an insurance 
issue, they are obligated by their contract of insurance to either 
pay for the repair or purchase a new pump for you. Because the 
warranty on the repair is very limited, the insurance company will 
opt for a new pump -- I've never heard of a case where this was not 

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