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Re: [IP] Question about insulin sensitivity/Novolog and Humalog

In a message dated 3/9/2002 9:33:51 AM Pacific Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> No contest, Truce here, Lookat Humulog's action graph and see it extends out
> to 480 minutes. I fail to see how one can calculate units of activity every
> three minutes

Using Excel.....plug in numbers and work some magic (my friend is a 
mathematician/engineer....I don't know the exact way to do it.).  No 
calculation; computer magic.

If you want any more information, let me know; I will refer you to the source 
of the information.  I haven't really studied the material. 
      As far as Humalog and Novolog working the same, I wonder how much the 
person making that observation has controlled random variation (activity, 
strip error, glycemic index of the food, site of the injection or pump set, 
correct basals and etc etc etc).  Of course the published curves are just 
general and don't apply to everyone, but "in general" they hold true."  In 
general, Novolog starts faster than Humalog unless the makers of the insulin 
are publishing false data on their package inserts. 

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