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RE: [IP] Comparison of pumps

This is just my opinion but I don't think it is the
dr/CDE's or anyone else's place to say which company
you should go with. You are the one paying for it and
using it, not them.
Kim, what sort of lifestyle do you lead? Do you swim?
Do you have different basal needs for different
activities in your life? Do you use a lot of insulin or
little insulin? Factors like these are what determine
which pump is best for you. Not what someone else is
using or what your dr/CDE prefers or thinks is best.
Without knowing more about you, it is hard to give
recommendations. We are using the Disetronic
HTron+V100. When my daughter began pumping over 2yrs
ago, we chose this one because it was waterproof (at
the time) and came with a backup pump. For us these
were important features being that she is an active
child and likes to swim. But they may not be important
to you. Everyone has different needs. Get information
from all the pump companies and/or visit the pump
comparisons pages, and see which of the pumps has the
most features that best suit your lifestyle. I'm sorry
if that seems vague or political but no one can decide
what best suits your lifestyle but you.

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-11, dxT1 5.3yrs,
pumping 2.3yrs, and 7 other blessings
~*~do-`da-ga-g`hv-i (until we meet again)~*~

Jennifer said:
Kim, You are right that it seems to be "political".  My
endo/pump trainer/CDE
all said that Minimed was the company to go with.  I
don't know why they said
that.  I have been very pleased with my 508 and am
looking forward to the
Paradigm.  However, there are plenty of people here who
use Animas and
Disetronics.  I guess it's like flying blind....just my
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