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[IP] Question about insulin sensitivity/Novolog and Humalog

No contest, Truce here, Lookat Humulog's action graph and see it extends out
to 480 minutes. I fail to see how one can calculate units of activity every
three minutes, that requires a complex two compartment solution with a term
for diffusion and a knowledge of the diffusion parameters of humulog. Anyway
if sites seem to be slow in starting absorption you could beat the clock by
administering insulin before eating. If you know the time until insulin
begins working, give the insulin that many minutes prior to eating. A trick
I learned from Miss Norma Bukva, head nurse of Mt. Sinai Hospital Diabetes
clinic. that way the insulin begins work before it is really needed. Insulin
injections are all different. That is why long standing diabetics call it
their own injection. A butt site with a set is a lot different from a butt
site with a needle The total lipid in the blood and proteins And the total
surface area of the vascular cappillary bed and vascular surface area and
speed of blood flow, ( the local rheological factors too), are also a factor
in speed of action. So many variables, such complex equations. Of course if
your friend could prepare some accurate nomograms I'd like to use them.  btw
the only diff between Novolog and humulog is that Lysine-Proline at B chain
21 is replaced with aspartate. That makes for little overall difference. we
use novolog in the lab to treat our diabetic doggers and rabbits. We have a
grant from Denmark and get Novolog free. I talked to our two techs, both
diabetic young ladies and they claim Novolog is interchangable with Humalog
for them
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