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Re: [IP] Chosing between the 508 and Paradigm

 Gabe is a new pumper as well; after 3 weeks with the 508, the Paradigm is a 
charmer; the loading of the reservoir with the Paradigm is so much improved 
that I am sure that bubbles will almost be a non-issue.  The menu driven 
screen is a blessing for a confused and tired Mom; on the 508, scrolling 
through all the screens was so confusing that I accidentally reduced a basal 
from .7 to .2 in the middle of the night....can't happen with the Paradigm.

The resevoir holds 176 units....so you could go three days at 50 units with 
insulin to spare.  How do you know your child will need more insulin?  As 
growth stops, doesn't insulin need stabalize?  If you are changing sites 
every two days and only occasionally going longer, than the reservoir size is 
a non-issue.

Only my very, very  limited experienced opinion.

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