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Re: [IP] Comparison of pumps

> So, I've kind of narrowed it down to the Minimed 508, based on its
> (sp?) appeal and its past history.

Kim, I started with the Minimed 506, am now using the 508, and am awaiting
the Paradigm.  I have only had positive experience with my pump and with
Minimed.  I suppose you can get a lemon from any of the pump companies.  It
seems that customer service varies lots.

I think I was an extremely lucky person because I started on the pump with a
whole diabetes team, including my endocrinologist, CDE, dietician, and a
whole raft of other pumpers.  (I don't even know who my Minimed rep is any
more because my doc's office handles everthing for me.)  I was on the phone
DAILY with my doc and CDE while we figured out my basel rate (and it took us
months as I recall).  The pump was worth every iota of effort.  It has
changed my life.

The only reason I moved from the 506 to the 508 was because I'd had the 506
so long and (lucky me again) my insurance paid for it.  And I got the 508 at
the right time, I guess, because I am eligible to get the Paradigm for $0.
My diabetes team will help me get started on the new one.  If you're
starting pretty much alone (your email implies that), use this email list!
I've only been here for just over a week and I've picked up lots of tips.
(Thanks, everyone!)

PS-Hope I did this reply right!
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