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[IP] Comparison of pumps

I'm in the process of getting my pump.  Insurance claims have been submitted, 
so any day now I'll be getting a call asking me what color I want (which is 
very exciting since it's taken three years to get to this point).

I think it's very difficult for someone to pick which pump to order.  How am I 
supposed to know which one will be best for me?  All the doctors and patients 
are so political and can't make any comments about the different pumps.  They 
just say, "They're all good."  I'm sure they are, but I would just like someone 
to tell me which pump is right for me.  I don't have much of a basis to make 
that decision on my own.

So, I've kind of narrowed it down to the Minimed 508, based on its asthetic 
(sp?) appeal and its past history.

But I've read a few web pages that seem to suggest a great deal of people 
switch from the Minimed to the Disetronic.  That worries me a little.  If I'm 
going to end up switching, why not just start with the Disetronic?  

Has anyone switched from the Disetronic to Minimed?  Can you tell me what 
prompted you to do it?

I appreciate all your help, everyone!  Have a great day.

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