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Re: [IP] Re:The nature of the beast

In a message dated 3/8/2002 4:41:20 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Was that a snack bolus or a correction bolus?  Or both? Just curious.  What 
>  is the correction ratio you use?

It was just a correction bolus.

For *Katie* (YMMV) -- One unit drops her 50 points or, put another way, 0.1u 
bolus for every 5 point drop desired.  We normally correct to a target of 100 
UNLESS she has exercised in the last 4-6 hours or will be exercising the next 
couple of hours, in which case we correct to a target of 150, but often end 
up a bit lower.  Generally, when she's over 250, it takes more than this to 
actually hit one hundred but this correction factor will pretty much always 
get her down under 150 within 90 minutes (2 hours at the outside).  Humalog 
works pretty quickly for Katie (sites are in her abs) and based on 
experience, we can safely do a second correction bolus after 2 hours after 
the first if needed . . . 

Katie knows what to do for highs like this (even though this one was 
surprising -- which was why she called me).  Katie is in 5th grade and can do 
the math to figure out her correction bolus, but to avoid the possibility of 
an error, I made a table for her to use (she has it at with her d-stuff at 
school, in her school binder, plus we have one in her log book at home ), 
where she just finds her BG level and right next to it is the amount of the 
bolus she needs.  In cases like this were we have two BG readings, we always 
correct using the lower reading.  

If she's doing a correction at school (anything over 150) and needs to adjust 
for exercise, she punches in the bolus from the chart then backs out 0.5 
units (5 punches on the down arrow button on her Animas pump) . . . We 
started the year with two charts (one for the 100 target and one for the 150 
target)  That was too confusing to her.  Then I tried for one chart with a 
150 target at school.  She didn't like doing different things at home and 
school -- so this is just what worked out for us . . .

Pumpmama to Katie
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