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Re: [IP] The nature of the beast

<< "Mom, I'm 306!"
"Did you wash your hands before you checked?"
"Yes. And I did a second check just to be sure. That one said 311!"
"Does your site look okay?  Any bubbles in the tubing? How do you feel?"
"Looks okay to me.  No bubbles. I feel fine."
"Stomach ache? Anything?
"I feel FINE."
"Sounds you did everything you're supposed to.  Do you know what your bolus should be?
"Yeah.  4.1"
"Okay.  Do your bolus.  Drink a bottle of water, and call me back if you're not under 240 in an hour and a half .  .  ." 

Pumpmama to Katie  >>

*I* want a pumpmama!!  <pouting>  I am a grownup, yes, but I don't have a backup person and I am stamping my foot these days in frustration and feeling a bit sorry for myself.  

Seriously (not that I wasn't serious ;-) ), once again I have to say:  You parents are the greatest.  I know for sure your kids don't truly GET IT, or appreciate you as the gods and goddesses you are, but they are very lucky!

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