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[IP] Re:The nature of the beast

Pumpers and Friends,

> Please don't get frustrated or blame yourself -- it's the nature of the  beast,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YES IT IS!!!!!!
         It is so great that with a insulin pump you can fix a problem RIGHT NOW and it does! 

Got a rousing reminder of that this morning . . .  Katie woke up at 116, right around where she wakes up every morning, ate the same cereal and measured cup of milk she eats at least half the time on school days.  She called me from school after doing her post-breakfast check at 9:00 am (before snack & recess):
"Mom, I'm 306!"
"Did you wash your hands before you checked?"
"Yes. And I did a second check just to be sure. That one said 311!"
"Does your site look okay?  Any bubbles in the tubing? How do you feel?"
"Looks okay to me.  No bubbles. I feel fine."
"Stomach ache? Anything?
"I feel FINE."
"Sounds you did everything you're supposed to.  Do you know what your bolus 
should be?
"Yeah.  4.1"
"Okay.  Do your bolus.  Drink a bottle of water, and call me back if you're 
not under 240 in an hour and a half .  .  ."

(Three hours later I pick her up at school -- Friday is her short day)

"You never called me back."
"I was 125.  I didn't need to call you back."
"Oh. Yeah. Right."
"Where are we going for lunch? I'm starved!!!!!"

Where did that 306 come from?  Heaven only knows.
I certainly don't!   8-)

Pumpmama to Katie (11, email @ redacted)  happily pumping with her Animas pump "Elvis" since 6-1-01 (latest A1c = 6.6)

   It can work the other way too! I was 56 the other morning but I cound not eat or drink anything (as my gut was not working) I turn off my pump, started checking blood sugar every 15 minute. I was going to take a glucagon shot if it didn't go up. After the first test BS 68, 82, 103, 99, 105, 134, 156 I when turn pump back on at 40% , next test was 162 stayed at 40% for 4 more hours (BS 111 to 165)
I ask anyone to try that on shots. There is no way I could if I had any kind of long acting insulin, I would have to go to ER for IV glucoses. Once I was able to eat again, I turn pump back on full and ate  with no problems the rest of the day.

   Why didn't I take the glucagon right away? One I know my body, gut would get better if I could wait.  Why did I wait 6 hours to turn pump back on 100%?  It was the insulin I use as it takes 5 to 6 1/2 hour to get used by my body. It is all a mater of knowing your body and how to use your pump to the fullest. RECORD RECORD everything. Have you play "WHAT IF?", my first diabetic team would play WHAT IF at every visit. It is to bad that many of you have team that just doesn't have the time to play "WHAT IF". This is one of the reason the Insulin Pumper e-mail and chat is meeting a need. You can ask anything of the group,  as the only dumb ???? are the ones not ASKED.


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