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Re: [IP] Need your help again

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>We bolused .8 (per the CDE) to fill the cannula...haven't forgotten that
> The high wasn't explainable by a missing .8....it was really high (263)
>resistant to correction.

Please remember that there is a LOT going on in Gabe's body, and the pump
can only handle SOME of it.

When a high is resistant to correction, there may be some other hormonal
cause -- even an unnoticed low some time prior to the high.

Please don't get frustrated or blame yourself -- it's the nature of the
beast, and it WON'T get better during Gabe's teen years. You're fighting a
REALLY nasty and insidious enemy, so do your best, but please don't let the
emotional reactions overwhelm you.

Also, you DID handle the high -- it never got to dangerous levels, so,
really you should be proud of yourself -- you did a GOOD job of

Hang in there!

Natalie ._c-
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