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Re: [IP] Need your help again

>We didn't suck or refill anything; simply changed the tubing on the old 
>resevoir. It gets pretty confusing...CDE says to "reuse the resevoir, no 
>problem"; so we simply switch tubing after the site is in place...MiniMed 
>says NO WAY, even if you prime out bubbles, they still will occur because 
>of reconnect new tubing to an old resevoir.


I never change the tubing if I'm leaving the same reservoir/cartridge in 
place.  The only time I change the tubing is when I change a cartridge (I 
use a Disetronic pump).  I just change out the set (I'm using QuickSets) 
and remove the new tubing and then connect the new set up to the tubing 
already connected to the cartridge, bolus .5 to 1.0 u to fill the cannula 
and off I go.  That's it.  I never have problems with bubbles in the tubing 
using that method.  To make life simpler for me, I change my sets twice per 
week and change the cartridge once per week, so I'm only dealing with this 
two times per week (once cartridge and set, and once just the set).  This 
works great for me.  YMMV.

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