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Re: [IP] Need your help again/THANKS

In a message dated 3/8/2002 3:18:43 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> simpler because you have to prime the tubing.  Seems that would be no
> different than a new set front to back.
>     Marion, when do you sleep?  


I am not getting any sleep...that is part of the problem.  Last night I was 
ready to call it quits..not really....but quite dismayed.  This business of 
not knowing whether a site is working makes me nuts...as long as I can figure 
out why and solve the problem, then I am happy.

The site did finally work after manually priming and his b.g. is slightly low 
this morning (77).  But heck, til I called MiniMed and wrote to you all and 
heard that the "bubble" thing might be plausible, then I was so discouraged  
and ready to go to the fridge and get the Ultralente (not really, but you 
know what I mean).  I think I need to follow the advice of a list member and 
throw out the Ultralente so I am not tempted.

Well, I even resisted correcting with a syringe and just kept working with 
the pump.  As of now it has been SEVEN DAYS since Gabe had an injection, even 
to correct the highs; we simply worked it through with the pump.  Each time 
it was US and not the SITE...so I need to continue to believe that the sites 
are durable.

Today our Paradigm should arrive...that is a relief in that it does ALARM 
with three units occulded so at a basal of about .7, it would alarm in about  
4-5 hours.  It has some special self-priming device (whatever that means) and 
supposedly a better seal between the tubing and resevoir to help with the 
bubble issue.

In addition, I am thinking of starting off the Paradigm with Novolog if I can 
snag some today....I think a fresh start with Novolog and the new pump might 
be helpful.  I have no IV3000, but I did order some "overnight" from Minimed. 

That's about it for now.....I sure appreciate all your help...honestly, my 
first reaction after panic, when the b.g. numbers started to rise, was "WRITE 

I hope I am not becoming a nuisance.  When I get on my feet and have Gabe 
smoothly  pumping, I hope I will be able to return the help to someone newer 
to pumping than us.

Marion and 
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