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Re: [IP] Time for the Companies to "chip in"

So EVERYONE, Write!!!!! A short e-mail is all it takes!

Sue (dalgal)

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From: "George" <email @ redacted>

Subject: Re: [IP] Time for the Companies to "chip in"
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 22:57:38 -0600

On 7 Mar 2002 at 14:48, sue depinto wrote:

 > I forwarded your message as posted and put above it that this site and 
 > were life savers for me as far as the pump went and that I probably would 
 > have stayed on the pump without the support of this group and I hoped 
 > they would also support it!
 > Sue (dalgal)

Thanks, Sue!   Now, what can we do to get several hundred more members to do 
the same?   ;>)    If the Pump companies, the Meter companies and the 
companies start hearing from a few hundred of us they might start murmuring. 
  If a thousand of us write......


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