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RE: [IP] CGMS & brand of pump?

Hi Deb:

Yes, Mini-Med is the only company having a CGMS right now and it doesn't
matter which type of pump you are on to get this done.

I wouldn't know what it is like to wear both the pump and CGMS but the other
woman at my dr.'s office who did it said the worst was sleeping with both.
I guess she still wasn't comfortable with just the pump as I have no
problems sleeping with it.

What they usually do is if you are attached to pump on stomach area, they
will use the opposite side.  They always use stomach for CGMS.

I found no pain, no pinching, nothing and the only drawback I had was to
have to put the machine into a special plastic bag that you had to hang over
your neck in order to take a shower.

It gave me an insight as to how the pump would be/feel being attached to it.
I must admit that I was happy that I was only going to be attached to it for
72 hrs and knew it was temporary.

Going on pump, I knew it would be 24/7 but with the convenience of detaching
to shower which is a blessing in itself!!! :)

Hope this answers your questions.

kathy B.
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