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[IP] Need your help again

Mystery highs after dinner.  B.g. came down to 153 about 3.5 hours after dinner (high for Gabe).  Mysterious rise to 193 and then 263 in two hours.

Gabe noticed air bubbles which we primed out and then bolused 3 units.

Called MiniMed clinical support.  They say that when we did a site change this afternoon (about 5 p.m.) we should not have reused the resevoir, although our CDE told us that was fine.  MiniMed claims that detaching the tubing and reattaching new tubing and set introduces a lot of air bubbles, even not visible.

Is this plausible?  I am feeling so discouraged tonight...because there is nothing I can figure out that explains the problem...clearly the basals aren't being delivered, but the set looks secure and good and dinner bolus did get in (although was not as effective as it should have been).

Thank you

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