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[IP] Welcome Tobi!

Welcome and congratulations on your wedding anniversary and on having
that son! Wish it got easier being diabetic.  Sorry.  Hey, I was dx'd @
15 and the worst thing to me seemed to vary daily from the shots to the
diet to the low bg's, back to the shots, and so on.  It all really is
worth the battles, tho.  You can't help but be very in tune with your
body.  You are probably NOT going to be taking too many things for
granted.  And although you may struggle for energy to do things, clean
things, spend time with those you love, etc., you  will possibly learn
how to keep your priorities in order.  Time and energy are precious. 
Some of the things I've discovered about myself might never have occured
to me without the trials & tribulations of dealling with this disease. 
When it's part of what's made you who you are and you care about that
person, it's kind of hard to wish things were different.   Some of our
active diabetic buddies are an inspiration.  Hey I look for inspiration
everywhere.  Sometimes it helps to remember the story of the man with no
shoes.  (He was so despondent over having no shoes it was spoiling his
life until he noticed the man with no feet.) Anyway, I'm a mom to 2, my
husband and I run a little graphics/printing co. and am 49.eMail me
anytime.  And welcome!


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