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Re: [IP] Question about insulin sensitivity/Novolog and Humalog

In a message dated 3/7/2002 7:43:48 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I find this extremely amusing....Novolog doesn't peak sharper or faster than
> Humalog...it is still working on me up to 5 hrs after I bolus!!!  :)
> Kathy B.

Look at the curve on the package insert for Novolog and compare it to the 
curve of humalog; Novolog starts faster and lasts longer........probably up 
to 5 hours. (which jives with your statement that Novolog lasts five hours; 
it does indeed have a longer tail than Humalog)  It is not an opinion, but 
rather an observation from analysis of the curves on the package inserts for 
Humalog and Novolog...if you wish more information, I can direct you to a 
mathematician/engineer/diabetic who did an intensive analysis of how much of 
the Humalog/Novolog becomes available in each 3 minute time segement after 
injection/bolus (was done in order to work on adjusting basals, but applies 
to boluses as well).

However, if you just wish to express your disagreement or ridicule, that is 
fine too; you might want to investigate further before you decide.  I am 
thinking of switching my son's pump from Humalog to Novolog because the site 
he is using (butt for pump) is so much slower than the arm injections he was 
taking.  WIth Novolog I can probably buy about a half hour head start over 

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