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RE: [IP] Question about insulin sensitivity

Hi Andy:
I too have this problem.  Some days, my insulin to carb ratio works just
fine and other days, whammo, I'm whacked out.

Today not two hours after I bolused, I was feeling yucky and was in the
teacher's lounge decorating it for spring...knew I was feeling funny so I
went to my daughter's classroom (her class was in PE at the time) and
checked my b.g. and it was 35!  I ate a half a granola bar, a package of
sour cream w/chives crackers and a mini candy bar as well as two pkgs of
smarties and it still took me like 20 minutes to feel normal again!  What a

When I checked b.g. two hours after that I was only at 160 so I knew I had
to be crashing bad.

have eaten the same foods, same bolus and this didn't happen to me before so
something was wacky today..don't know why either.

The other night I had a crash as well and after eating 2 glucose tablets, I
was sweating, shaking so badly, I consumed some ice cream which I normally
don't eat and knew I was gonna have the fat problem hours afterwards.  I
bolused for the difference in the carbs but sure enough, morning b.g. was
higher and kept going up even up to 6 hrs afterwards...

Sometimes it makes you wonder why we grab certain foods to eat when we are
so low.  I think because ice cream is a no no for me usually, when I'm that
bad, I just eat it and say "what the heck" :)  lol....and pay for it later

Kathy B.
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