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[IP] Minimed Paradigm

          Hi Everybody.....

          I have been a member of the pumpers group since May of 2001.  
 There have been many posts put up on here that have taught me very much 
about diabetes and insulin pumping.  There are ALOT of smart people involved 
in putting this list together, and I for one am very glad for it.  But many 
of the questions about the Paradigm pump can be answered by just looking at 
the Minimed web site.  It has all the answers that you need to know, 
including specifications and you can download and read the user's manual and 
even try out a Virtual Paradigm where you can try it out right at your desk.  
( I did )

          I was in the Insulin pumpers chat room last week when the 2 Minimed 
Reps were in there trying to answer questions about the Paradigm.  I could 
hardly stand it in there after the first minute or so because people were all 
asking the same questions over and over again. Just look at the web site and 
Minimed will tell you all about it and only take up a few minutes of your 
time.  I don't know everything there is to know about pumping or even about 
diabetes, and it is this list that helps me to understand many things about 
this awful condition.

          Now I know I am going to make some people mad at me, and I am sorry 
if I upset any of you.  But I am not making fun of anyone or calling them 
names, just use a little more common sense and all will be well.  I have 
heard it is sometimes easier to open the door, than to demolish the wall.


          Vance D. Scarsella   email @ redacted
          Diagnosed 4-78
          Pumping 5-9-01 (Clemenza)
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