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[IP] CGMS - billing amount

I wore the CGMS last May for 3 1/2 days.  When I got my pump in Dec of 2000
the rep from MM told me if I bought my pump from him he would "let" me wear
the CGMS for free as part of my pump purchase.  I purchased an Animas pump at
that time due to the smaller basal rate which I needed.   The clinic which I
go to purchased a CGMS in the spring of 2001 and the rep from MM came to the
clinic in May of 2001 and hooked me up to it.  It uses a inserter the same as
the infusion set inserters from MM.  I was the first patient at the clinic
they hooked up so that is why the MM rep came and I think he came for a few
more until the CDE's were familiar with hooking people up.  I recorded tons of
things on the monitor as I exercise a lot and check my BS about 10 to 15 times
per day anyway.  Then the MM rep installed all the software on the CDE's
computer and printed out all my charts, etc. from the time I was on the
monitor.  It was very helpful in "fine-tuning" the basal rates.  The more info
you "put into the monitor" the more accurate your charts will be.  If you wear
it take the time to put down everything in the monitor - it is only 3 days of
your life and if you take the time to wear it you might as well get the most
results you can out of it.  The only thing that irritated me while wearing it
was you can't get it wet and I like to take baths - had to take showers with
the monitor in a little bag, etc.  (didn't work real well as you aren't to get
the site wet either).  The site starts to deteriorate in about 3 days and then
your readings won't be as accurate.  The clinic charged me $500.00 for the
CGMS - this included getting hooked up, wearing it, printing all the charts
afterwards and interpreting them, etc.  My insurance covered it at 90% the
same as anything else I have done in the doctor's office.  I had to get
prior-approval from my ins. company for it to be covered.  The clinic took
care of the prior approval for me.  If you have a chance to wear it I would
say to do it and mark down everything possible and you will be able to
fine-tune your basals from it.  The more information you have available - the
better the results.
P.S. - My sister called me "Tool-Belt Trish" while I wore it as I had my pump
on one side and the monitor on the other side!  Might as well make a "joke"
out of it as it is better than the alternative!
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