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[IP] Thursday Mar. 14, 2002 - Pump support Boca Raton, FL


            University of Miami Medical School
                Invites you to the

Time: March 14, 2002
 Thursday 7:00
Place: Whitehall Nursing Home
    Boca Raton

It seems that setting goals for ourselves has been helpful in tackling our
issues with procrastinationb& This group is working hard! And intimately! I
thank everybody for their honesty, intensity, and interest in each other.
People have identified problems..the first step in making change..and gone
home to focus on them..bringing back feedback on what changes they have been
able to make and which things still need work.

Setting goals can be done by being SMARTb&small, measurable, realistic, and
specific timing for their termination.Think what ,where, when, how and whom
you might exercise with. Here are some time tested truths about exercise.(
after you have consulted with your doctor,of courseb&and don't let that
thought stop you from starting)
Begin slowly. Make it easy. Do something you'll enjoy. Have the right
equipment (shoes fitting) Use the 15 minute rule: even when you feel you
don't have the energy, just do it for 15 minutes. Create a regular time to do
it.(It can be during all the TV commercials.)Have a back-up plan.(If it rains
or friends cancel.)Try to do it with a friend or family member.

 Please pick something to work on before the group..even if it is
brainstorming where you might get stuck. (You have to know the
barriers..situations, yourself, other peopleb&E.g. being too tired after work
so bringing sneakers with you to walk around your house before  you enter and
start your "second job" or calling from the car and having a spouse or child
to meet you and walk with you). Please come to the meeting even if you
haven't "done your homework" and we will help you get started.

Hopefully this meeting time is not interfering in anyone's holidayb&.I think
working on health issues is the best way to celebrate or meditate the time of
reflection that holy days bringb&

If you have any questions, please call Dr. Wendy Satin Rapaport, clinical
psychologist, the facilitator of the group, at 561 4778595.
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