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reply to Donna:[IP] When do I Check bg's with dual bolus?

Hi Donna, i use the dual bolus for pizza as follows. my carb for dinner is 1 
to 25. so i figure for 2 slices of pizza 100 carbs. so i bolus 4.0 for pizza, 
then i take 30% of my bolus which is 1.2 and i do the dual for 6hrs. for me 
the pizza makes me run high hours later, i check it every 2hrs just to see 
how i am doing. it works for me. i tried the dual of 20 and 25% but 30% is 
the magic number for me. so maybe next time try the dual for 4 hrs and check 
in 2hrs and see how you do. its trial and error at first. so good luck. 
Sincerely Eileen pumping 1 year diab. for 33 years and love my pump! oh yeh 
the now setting is what you need now to cover the food which in my case was 
4.0 and then the square setting would be the 1.2 as above, which depends on 
what percentage works for you. its easy once you get used to eat. maybe next 
time check in 3hrs. i usually do not correct until 3hrs, because sometimes i 
can go low. even when i am not doing the dual. 
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