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[IP] Question about insulin sensitivity

Last night my BS was the lowest it has ever been in my 19 years on insulin 
(27). Dinner was @ 7:00 PM and I ate about 60g of carbs.  I bolused 6 units of 
Novolog, as I take one unit per 10g of carbs.   

I had to crawl to the fridge as I lacked the energy to walk and drank a full 
gallon of Orange Juice to regain some strength. Next, once my energy was up a 
little, I made a peanut butter, honey, and Magic Shell sandwich.  I always go 
overboard with food when I get low. Don't really know why I chose the magic 
shell, but it sounded good at the time.  

I am wondering if other people on the list have certain days when they seem to 
have a greater sensitivity to insulin?  

Normally,  my 1:10 ratio works well.  It seems as if there are 1-2 days a month 
that I have this problem.  

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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