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Re: [IP] CGMS & brand of pump?

In a message dated 3/7/2002 7:25:06 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Is Minimed the maker of the CGMS and do you need to have a MM pump to have
>  the CGMS used?  My son uses a Disetronic. 

Nope -- the CGMS is a totally separate unit.  Kind of like wearing a second 
pump with a second infusion set inserted.  The "sensor part"  is thicker than 
our pump cannulas and some kids I've talked to found them uncomfortable to 
wear after insertion and even had problems with bleeding (multiple times -- 
which interfered with the CGMS' readings) . . .  But I've also talked with a 
couple kids and parents who had no problems and really learned a lot from the 
data they got.  

We'd considered doing one when she was on MDI, but were then able to get her 
on the pump.  Since we've been able to keep my daughter's A1cs consistently 
in the sixes with the pump(for 9 months now), we've chosen to pass on a CGMS 
study for the time being . . . like pumping, its an individual decision.  
(But We will be trying out the Glucowatch when we can get our hands on one)

Pumpmama to Katie (11, dx @9)  Happily pumping with her Animas pump "Elvis" 
since 6-1-01
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