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[IP] Weight gain (was Low BS to Coma and further...)

Natalie A. Sera said:

> Insulin wouldn't keep weight off anyway -- it puts weight ON, which is
> when Type 1's develop the disease, they lose weight, and when they start
> insulin, they gain it back!
> I wish it were so easy to lose weight with insulin!!!!

I think that is too simple of an explanation.

Undiagnosed diabetics loose weight because their bodies are not metabolizing
carbohydrate. Proteins and fat are being broken down instead of
carbohydrates for energy. When they begin treatment and get their metabolism
working again the lost protein is replaced. The extension of your comment -
if you take more insulin you gain more weight - also has to be evaluated
fairly carefully. In some cases the weight gain may be the result of eating
more which requires more insulin. In those cases the increased insulin is
more of a result rather than a cause. Finally when you throw in the
additional factor of insulin resistance the whole issue becomes even more

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