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[IP] Pregnancy Question and Medic alerts

*  Issue #1:
I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy....I had a baby last year
(at 37 weeks, 7lbs, 
11 oz) while using R and NPH shots. It was really difficult to control my
diabetes this 
way.  While my HbA1c's were good (5, 6) my daily blood sugar jumped around
Towards the end, I couldn't keep the increasing insulin dose and
increasing need (due to the 
placenta hormones, apparently, increasing insulin resistance) in tight
alignment. PLUS: my 
diet was really restricted.  Ultimately I had "poor control" despite my
efforts.  St. Vincent's 
in NYC was quite good.  My daughter was in excellent health - had to stay
in ICU for low 
blood sugar and an enlarged heart, but was fine w/n 2 days and is now
destroying my 
apartment! he he he.  Nursing was another issue all together - terrible
lows despite trying to 
snack my way through it.  Now that I'm on the pump I expect things to be
much better if 
there's a next time. 

* Issue #2:
I just get the cheap steel medic alert braclets from drug store brochures
($14).  This way, I 
can change the info when I move, change my phone #, etc. I've also had
things printed on 
them like "If Delerious, feed me sugar!"  Anyway, the engraving lasts
about 8-9 months.

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