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Re: [IP] Extremely, dry, itchy, irritated skin

Our family's pediatrician recommended Aquaphor. It's an ointment, looks 
like Vaseline, but is more absorbent. I buy it in a big jar in our local 
pharmacy. It worked great right after a shower when my skin has been 

I don't have d. Our 13 year old daughter, who has beautiful skin, is the 
one with diabets. I've had dry skin since I was a kid and, of course, it 
doesn't get better with age. When I was little (in the dark ages of the 
50's) our gp had my mom buy pure lanolin and melt it in a pan on top of 
the stove. She then rubbed it on my legs. What a greasy mess.


jhughey wrote:

>A podiatrist recommended years ago to smear Crisco shortening on your legs.
>It works, too - however, since I'm a gal and your a guy, I understand for
>the guys it makes the leg hair all gooey. Dunno what else to say, except -
>YMMV (~_^)
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