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[IP] Highs after Site change: 3 Techniques Summary

There have been 3 techniques for dealing with observed high BS after removing an old site. The observation is that liquid comes out of the hole made after the site is removed. BS measurement should be made after the site is withdrawn to determine the magniture of the BS
change with time(30 min.,1 hr, 2hr, 3hr.). Once the BS is known and is important one or more of the following techniques may be useful
knowning there may be some varition from site to site depending on the specific locations except for technique(3):
(1)adjustment of the high or low BS. If the BS from site to site is small then such an adjustment can be made even before the site is removed. Time of correction should be made based on absortion rates,
(2)an upper limit of the insulin not absorbing due to removing of the site and leaking can be made by observing the liquid and measuring  it's volume, with your calibration curve of BS units/ insulin units the correction can be calulated in BS units and a bolus of whatever units of insulin are needed. This correction can be given depending on you adsorbion rates,
(3) leave it in for say 2 hrs - This stops liquid from exiting. There are still a few cautions that still exit that may not be univerially important such as infection, design of cut off so the site can be left in with min exposure of excess insulin.
I have tried to summarize what I understand about the techniqes dicussed on our mail list.I have information about technique 3 except from our discussions on our mail list. I guess we invented it as Mike has noted preiously.


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