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I was just on this monitor for 3 days in February.  I went to my endo's 
office and the Minimed rep was the one to hook me up to it and explain 
everything to me.  

I am not sure of the cost of it - I have BCBS that covers all of my pump and 
pump supplies 100%.  I am assuming that Minimed will bill them directly.

There is really no way to test more often than how it monitors your BG - as I 
understood it - it took a reading every 10 seconds and I had to input my BG 
whenever I took it and also had to record "events" such as eating, bolus, 
stress, exercise, etc.  

I did find wearing the monitor to be a little pain in my a** only becuase it 
had to be worn 24/7 - no taking it off to shower or anything - they supplied 
me with a waterproof baggie that I had to hang around my neck while showering 
and that was a pain.  It is also a little larger than my 508 and a little 
heavier so I found myself pulling my pants up through out the day.....

I have not heard the results of it yet but will be anxious to know what the 
endo will have to say.

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