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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #161

> >   When I got home from work last night I checked before starting dinner
> > and I was 17. No warning signs and I had just driven 25 miles from work.
> > Talk about scary.
> >
> > Karen in North Pole, AK
> Yikes Karen! You scared me! What's with the "no warning"? Do you notice
> things being just a bit brighter? When I get that kind of low my vision
> seems to lighten, then darken around the edges, then it starts "skipping".
> It's the most awful thing, isn't it? You should get a lottery ticket -
> because you are lucky!
> Peg in Williamsburg, VA

This is not only a YMMV sort of thing but it also varies a lot for a given
individual. Normally I feel a hypo when I am 50 - 60 mg/dl. However, when I
was a kid (before finger stick BGs) and at summer diabetic camp (Tennessee
Camp for Diabetic Children) there were 2 documented instants when fasting BG
(regular lab analysis of blood withdraw from the arm) were 19 and 16 mg/dl.
In the second case the camp doctor actually examined and interviewed me
before the sample was taken (absolutely no symptoms) because he felt it was
really weird that I had not reported being low when the previous weeks
sample was taken.

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