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[IP] When do I Check bg's with dual bolus?

Hi All,
I have been on the MM 508 for 2 years.  Have not used the dual wave bolus 
much .  Usually use normal bolus.  I used the dual wave today and set it  for 
2 hours duration (pizza).  Normally I check bg 2 hours after I start eating.  
Because the dual bolus lasted for 2 hours I was higher than I wanted to be at 
2 hours after eating.  So without thinking I bolused to correct this.  Well, 
you guessed it.  I had a very fast low about 45 min after this.  When is the 
best time to check bg when you dual bolus?  Also how do you figure how much 
to use for the "now" setting and "square" setting with a dual bolus? 

I have been diab for 47 yrs.  The pump is the best thing I have found since 
the home glucose meters.  When dx'd there was no such  thing as  home pumps 
or meters, and only had U-40 Insulins.  Was really nervous about using the 
U-80 & 100 when it came out.  Now they are talking U-200 & 500.  Sure am glad 
for progress.

email @ redacted
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