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RE: [IP] Medic Alert Lettering

>>> After about 3 weeks wearing the new bracelet, I can already tell the
letters aren't as "dark" as they were when I got it.  Is it too
much to expect the engraving to be permanent?>>>

>>Don't know what type of bracelet you've gotten but I bought a pretty
inexpensive one through the mail, stainless steel and have worn it
consistently for almost a year now and still can read everything very

There is only one Medic Alert - out of Turlock, Calif.  This *charm* was
invented by guy whose dtr was bitten/kicked by a horse and was given
penicillin and almost died. He set it up to have the *condition* engraved,
as well as their phone number and your ID number, on the item. Drs. and EMTs
can call, give them your ID number and they pull up the statistics. All
other identifying bracelets, etc. are *medical alert* items.

BTW, I posted not too long ago here that when I would update my info, I had
blocked out all the old stuff and sent in the new stuff - some were
duplicates of the old. Instead of updating that way, Medic Alert duplicated
everything, therefore, I have not paid them yearly to goof that up again. I
haven't heard from them in several years - UNTIL last week. hmmmmm - wonder
if they, too, monitor this site? Or, was it just a coinkydink?

I have had my stainless steel bracelet since about '79, wear it
consistently, and can still read all the engraving even though the red
enamel is mostly off and I had coated it with clear nail polish. YMMV (~_^)

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