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[IP] Low BS to Coma and further...

There is one study that found shock doses of persons to be treated for mental illness. This study was published by M. Sakel, entitled "The Methodical Use of Hypoglycemia in the Treatment of Psychoses" Am. J. Psychiatry 151:6,June 1994 Sesquicentennial Supplement. They don't give bs valves just insulin dose( no weights). Sakel(July 1937) defined the insulin dose to produce a deep coma and areflexia is called the shock dose. To take the person out was given carbos. It was stated that the BS didn't go below a certain level indepentent of the amount of insulin given .  No deaths were mentioned. Some persons came out of coma leaving there mental illness behind.

I wonder if going to lows might be healthy? 


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