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In a message dated 3/5/02 5:32:03 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I'd sure appreciate any input,
> advice, suggestions, or just personal accounts from others who have been
> through this.  

Hi Heather
Please try to relax.  I know it isn't easy but stressing out will only make 
matters worse.  Now for some reassurance.  I have been thru 3 pregnancies and 
with each one circumstances were quite different but the outcome was the 
same......3 very healthy babies.  The first 2 pregnancies I was using Regular 
and N.....my control was less than ideal but I did my best.  My A1c's were 
nowhere nearly as good as yours and my babies were somewhat large...almost 9 
lbs, but perfect nonetheless.  All 3 of them were induced at 38 weeks, lung 
development was fine and labor went just fine too..  My last child, a boy 
born in 1998, the pregnancy and labor was amazing and I credit the 
improvement in my blood sugar control to Humalog.  My blood sugars were much 
more stable and at 38 weeks when Iabor was induced he came out weighing just 
over 7 lbs.  The week before, they had estimated his weight at 8-9lbs using 
ultrasound.  Just goes to show that those things are JUST an estimate.  Even 
though I was induced I went through the labor with no drugs.....completely 
floored the OB's.  Not sure how that relates to any of your questions....just 
wanted to brag  LOL.  Good luck in the days to come and please let us know 
how it goes.

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