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[IP] Help! Glaucoma drops driving me nuts

Many years ago a cataract was removed from my left eye and a couple of years
later from my right eye.  Proliferative retinopathy was also discovered and
I had many laser treatments in both eyes. Glaucoma eventually ensued but
only in my left eye.  I hate the eye drops and have already had two
trabeculoplasties which have reduced the ocular pressure  somewhat  but I
still need the darn eyedrops. Is anyone else on Alphagan and/or  Lumigan and
have you noticed effects on your diabetes?  I was on Cosopt for a long time
but recently passed out due to othostatic hypotension (low blood pressure)
falling hard on my tail bone.  Another painful  booboo that had me limp to
a chiropractor for several weeks of treatment. On the chance that the Cosopt
contributed to the low blood pressure worse my eye doctor took me off it.

Since being on the pump - four years next month- the retinopathy has stayed
stable and I have pretty good vision in my right eye.  Still this week the
stress of dealing with the hypotension , the painful tush , the addition of
Lumigan (those drops irritate my eye and my disposition) and also  extra
glucose testing because of changing from Humalog to Novolog in my pump - is
too much of an overload. I  wonder if the eye with the glaucoma is left
untreated could I lose my sight in both eyes since the optic nerve would be
increasingly damaged?  Help!!!!!

.  If anyone else is coping with similar issues, please write to me
personally.  I really need perspective.

Denise Guerin
Type 1 47 years
Minimed 507 4 years and due for a new pump next month!
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