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[IP] Baby's low BS (was: It's been awhile..)

   Your 2 month old had a BS of 51? I wouldn't worry about it, but do
mention it to her doctor. Keep checking her if it makes you more comfortable.
My daughter, Sadie, had quite a few lows as a baby, even dropping into
the 40's several times. I told our pediatrician about it and he decided
to call my son's endo. The endo said that it is actually pretty common
for small children to have low #'s. Most parents just don't have the
knowledge or the tools to recognize it. They see a crabby child and assume
it's this problem or that problem and often times give the child a snack
or treat to make them feel better and will be treating the low without
knowing it. Sadie's #'s have evened out and there are no lingering effects.
So, don't stress. Hope this helps.


Mom to JayJay, age 4, dx'd @ 11 mos.
Sadie, age 2.5 and 
Alden, 7 months old

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