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Re: [IP] Continuous Glucose Monitor

Hi Beverly,  
     I recently had this test done .  I am in preparation for the pump, and 
if all goes well , I'll be pumping in May!  Actually, I had it done twice, 
but I misunderstood the directions I was given, and it had to be inserted 
again.  The second time, Mini-Med came out themselves and inserted it, and 
made sure I did it correctly.  It reads your blood sugar every 3 seconds, and 
records a BS evry 5 minutes.  Amazing!  I had to wear it for 3 days.  I had 
to keep testing my BS with my own meter. and enter 4 BS numbers before 
midnighteach day.  Also, I was given a record book to record evrything I ate, 
and any important events, such as hypoglycemia, exercise, an emotional upset, 
etc. for those 3 days. After 72 hours it was disconnected and downloaded onto 
a computer by the Diabetes specialist that I'm seeing through my HMO. It 
showed a graph of everything that happened to my blood sugar during those 3 
days, and gives the Dr. important information on how to adjust my insulin 
according to the pattern on the graph.  It was very interesting, as I got 
kind of a preview of how it will be to have a pump, as it was inserted and 
worn the same way, and also looks kind of like a beeper.      Debz
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