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[IP] Losing weight

My primary and I are looking into the LAP band surgery to assist in losing weight that really needs to come off. The LAP band surgery is much like the old surgery that a band was used to make the stomach smaller only this one is adjustable with a under the skin site that is much like the implantable insulin pump.

I have several friends that have undergone the gastric by-pass surgery with great success. I don't want to go that route with fear that every time I had a low that I would end up in the ER. I have seen from my friends what happens when too much sugar is take in. They get violently ill. Because the nutrients to the liver and pancreas are restricted a shot of glucagon is also then not available for much help.

Ithe f any one has experience with either surgery I would like to hear about your experiences, especially as a type I. Please email me privately if you wish.

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