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Re: [IP] HELP - How to use all insulin in pump

> I being the air head that I am, forgot my insulin on the way to work
> this morning.  I know in the past there was a HowTo on how to use
> all the insulin in the tubing.  I can't seem to find it on the site.
>  Can someone please give me a hand?!?!  

First the CAUTION

you don't want to inadvertently let a lot of insulin flow into YOU 
when you do this. Gravity can make it happen so be careful.

If you have a clamp, it's fairly easy though the clamps don't seem 
very reliable to me.

This is what my daughter did at school one day

Disconnect the quick release.  

hold the tubing end higher than the pump.

remove syringe from pump

hold QR end and Luer lock end at same level so you don't lose any 
insulin, then unscrew the Luer lock fitting carefully.

@@@ you can switch the order of the above two, doesn't matter

draw air into the syringe and replace into pump.

prime to take up slack in the drive mechanism -- typically 5u (0f air 

reconnect Leur lock

reconnect QR, you're in business :-)

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