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[IP] Re: Kate Delano and dad

Kate Delano wrote:
"This group is excellent and very informative. Has it been around a long
Michael B.can give you the answer to that-it's thanks to him we have this
great forum.

"...heard a lot of people mention they have Minimed pumps, is that because
they are more often covered by insurance, better pumps, or have they just
been around longer?"
Know for Hubby, it was one of  two choices offered, and he felt MM 508 would
be easier for him to use.  Ultimately, it's whichever one you feel would
best meet your needs.  That's why it would be good for you to see all
available pumps, perhaps try each using saline.

"Also, does anyone have any ideas about ways to get my pump
covered by insurance?  My last A1C was 7.7, I'm 24 and have no
complications, my primary care doc. told me I probably wouldn't be
considered a "good candidate" for the pump because I don't have any
complications yet?  Is this true?"

I could hear all of us going, "What!?!" with the statement of not being a
"good" pump candidate.  If such were true, then no child would ever pump,
and a lot of adults wouldn't be either.  The point in pumping is to try to
decrease the chances of complications, or if present, to try to keep
complications from getting worse.  Your endo should be knowledgeable on
this.  Does this new MD have patients who are pumpers?
Most insurances tend to look for evidence of  control difficulty (such as
MDI not being effective with wide range of readings, hypos, highs -
particularly dawn phenonmenon), but you need to check with your own
insurance (as does your dad) to know what criteria is used by them, and also
if any special procedure is needed.  Often, the pump manufacturers will do
all the insurance stuff.  However, in Hubby's case, had he not first
contacted his insurance, and followed the procedure he was given, the
insurance would not have covered the pump/supplies.

"Thanks for all of this valuable information! I am also reading Walsh's book
"Pumping Insulin" and it sounds like this group would recommend that book as
Ah, doesn't every one have a copy-third edition now??  It's an excellent

Let all of us know how you and your dad do with the endo.  Think it's neat
that you both will start pumping together!
Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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