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Re: [IP] Big Babies

In a message dated 3/5/02 5:44:02 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:> 
> Boy, that should have set alarm bells ringing all over the place!!!! That
> baby was HUGE for a first-time baby, and any doc worth his salt should have
> tested you VERY carefully for diabetes.

Yes, it should have alarmed someone, but didn't.  This Dr was fairly young, 
so he should have been "up on the latest things".  Before I delivered, he 
kept telling me that she would be about 7 or 8 lbs-- then to have a 10 lb 9 
oz baby----what a shock.

> How much time elapsed between first and second? I wonder if you were
> starting to develop diabetes at the time of your first, and just fell
> through the cracks?

When my first child was 8 months old, I  was about 10 wks pregnant and had a 
miscarriage because my BS was so high.  (the Dr did nothing because "my bs 
was high but within normal limits" after the miscarriage).   Four months 
later, I had just about every diabetic symptom you could have. (my vision was 
so bad that i couldn 't even see 3 feet infront of me).   When I called that 
Drs office, they told me "to go back on my diet and you'll be fine"  I told 
them that I wasn't on a diet, and immediately  called the Drs office that had 
done my D&C when I had the miscarriage  and asked if I could be pregnant 
again.  they said,  "It sounds like you have diabetes and got me in touch 
with an internist."

At any rate, I'm glad your babies were OK -- you came out on the lucky side
> of the risk statistics!
> Yes, I am so very fortunate.  My youngest spent a month in the hospital and 
> came home with an NG tube because it took her over an hour to drink 2 oz of 
> formula.  She was a "floppy little baby".  She had very poor muscle tone. 
> It was such a trying time back then.  But seeing her now. you would never 
> know she had a rough start.

Looking back, I would ask the OB Dr  questions and he would just tell me that 
I was reading too many books  and that everything would be fine.  Boy was i 

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