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[IP] Re: HELP - how to use all the insulin in the pump

> I being the air head that I am, forgot my insulin on the way to work this
morning.  I know in the past there was a HowTo on how to use all the insulin
in the tubing.  I can't seem to find it on the site.  Can someone please
give me a hand?!?!
> Becky


Applaud, applaud, applaud - there, was that a sufficient *hand*? <VBG>

Do you carry a syringe with you? If so, you can disconnect, withdraw the
insulin from the tubing into the reservoir, then stick the needle of the
syringe into the end of the reservoir and withdraw what you need. When I
started pumping I was trained to keep a filler needle from the reservoir
(securing it individually with the *white* screw cap*. There are 20u in the
42" tubing and 20u in the Leur Lock - which is more than my total daily
dose. Be sure to put the filler needle back onto the reservoir to preserve
the *withdrawn* insulin for the next dose with the syringe. Clear as milk
glass? (~_^)

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